The Bite power of a German shepherd is measured as 238 pounds of the bite which occupied second place in the dog bite power. As they are in such high demand, you may be thinking to yourself that you can breed your German Shepherd … 9 million! Quick Thoughts, Are German Shepherds Good with other Dogs? Not only German shepherd but any heavy dog if not raised properly during the puppyhood becomes a dangerous dog. - Based on Animal People's ad counting, 3.3% were Pitbull Terrier, and 0.3% were Rottweiler. My answer is yes. Among humans we would say: They have strong nerves. If you want to count German Shepherd mixes as well, including the (dangerous!) Critical to understand further is, dog attack does not equal dog attack: Now you may wonder: And for a German Shepherd? The breed assumed the Alsatian during the times when Germany was the enemy, but the breed was just too good for it to become the enemy. The most recent statistic about dog attacks by breed we found for the USA and Canada - obviously, because the largest population of registered dogs by far lives on the North American continent. - is not predisposed to violence. JOIN OVER TWO MILLION DOG LOVERS: This most recent North American statistic was compiled by the editor of Animal People, Merritt Clifton, from press accounts between 1982 to 2011. - Similarly with a Mastiff: 23.5% were killed. German Shepherds are balanced dogs. As much as your dog is special (s)he may react different too. So, when subsequently we only look at media reports as the statistical source for dog attacks, then simply because we don't have access to police and medical reports, okay? German shepherds are considered as one of the most intelligent dog breeds and can remember the command in 4 consecutive trials no matter how new the command is. I totally understand that. There is no good reason why these GSD characteristics would be any different in say Asia, Australia, or Europe. Female Height: 55-60 cm; Female Weight: 22-32 kg I have owned many of those "dangerous breeds" in my 40 years of dog ownership and none of them have ever bitten anything except their dog food. Other dogs? Time for you to find a new place to live. However, Merritt Clifton offers an explanation in the report that many of us may have expected, and others may be able to relate to it from experience with their own dog, or from knowing that the GSD is a herding breed: German Shepherds have three different kinds of 'bite': This is why - if anything serious happens at all - a German Shepherd victim typically suffers rather self-inflicted injuries than any dangerous bite injuries. GSDs are curious, which makes them excellent guard dogs and ideal for search operations. How to feed royal canin maxi starter to a puppy? Dog owners need to ask themselves a few key questions, especially when it comes to dealing with large dogs like GSDs, Rottweiler, and so on. As anticipated, for GSD-Husky mixes this relation is much worse: 83% were towards a child! If we take an estimated 2 million Rotties (that's 2.5% of all dogs in the USA), then in the above ranking the Rottweiler drops to 192 attacks per percent of dogs, ending up between the Bull Mastiff and the Akita (arguably a more sensible position for the Rottweiler). But, like any other dog, all you have to do is redirect your dog’s need to bite and chew a toy and make it clear from the get-go that biting hands, arms, legs, etc., is not ok. "Dogs are only as bad as their owners" is a popular phrase for a reason! Unique Dog Health Insights! Nonetheless, considering that there are 351 million people on the North American continent (close to 35 million in Canada and 316 million in the USA), even 5 serious attacks a year of German Shepherds and all German Shepherd mixes(!) My GSD puppy is now 8 months and we read your advice regularly. ), and when we consider that at least 5 of these criminals will have a GSD, and thus they may very well transfer their inhumane character onto their dog, no? You must not copy or spin or otherwise change our content to republish it in your name, another one's name or without a name. Full Grown Dwarf German Shepherd: In-Depth Information and Facts. ): Do NOT reintroduce the gene pool of the wolf by breeding a German Shepherd with a wolf. ==> "German Shepherd Dogs are dangerous!" Oh and Shepherds are not dangerous! Wolf-hybrids . However, many GSDs do have aggressive tendencies that needs to be kept in check. I am sure that the number of classified ads per breed is NOT representative of the number of dogs of that breed (desirable dogs are typically sold and purchased through other means). Find out more: Click to save vet cost, training cost, and your nerves! Dog attack does not equal dog attack - The reason why GSD victims are so rare: All GSD victims were due to either of these two reasons: Therefore, the original German Shepherd Dog is. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do we need to discuss this after all of the above? Admittedly, this 'proportionately often' would be misleading: In 1,970 (or 56%) of all attacks a Pitbull Terrier was involved, and in 481 (or 13.7%) of all attacks a Rottweiler was involved. Many times, the German Shepherd gets a bad rap as an aggressive dog. However, the first key mistake they make with their statistic is that they compare all historical dog attacks with the relative dog populations in the most recent year (in this case 2011) - although the relative dog populations have significantly changed over time. Unfortunately, dwarfism in German Shepherds negatively affects their heath in a very serious way, causing many problems and even resulting in pain. They’re an intelligent, athletic, and loyal breed making wonderful pets... German Shepherds are the dogs that are considered to be a large breed dog which is originated from German in 1800 by... German Shepherd compatibility with other dogs. See v. Stephanitz' book (for you the English translation): The German Shepherd Dog in Word and Picture (Note: Do not even consider to get the fake versions that are available much cheaper, their content is imaginary and wrong). The United States. This could prove fatal. Have More FUN With Your Dog! German Shepherds were also developed as military messenger and sentry dogs, and as personal protection and police dogs. German shepherds are big dogs, so this issue might seem scarier with this breed. This is a problem that's relevant to all of us because among those people are also law enforcement officers that look into individual dog attacks in the same way - like maybe that of your dog at some point?! Solve Any Dog Problem RIGHT! Today the breed Von Stephanitz left behind has become one of the most popular in the world. With a GSD, this may take just a tad longer because genetically herding dogs like the German Shepherd are very patient - they are not just bred to be weatherproof but situation-proof too. The German Shepherd dog... Introduce baby to a hyper dog: It is said that a family is complete when the almighty bless them with a... German Shepherds capture your heart from the moment you bring them home. However, Rottweiler and American Pitbull Terrier occupied first and third place with 328 pounds and 235 pounds respectively. To Help You Build The Best Relationship With Your Dog! Quite the opposite: The GSD is predisposed to avoid conflicts wherever deemed possible. donations: however small it helps, THANKS SO MUCH! Though there are white German shepherds, which may not carry such a fearful look still they have their aggression in their own way. Yes, German Shepherds can be aggressive, and in some cases, their defensive and protective nature is used as a benefit for jobs like police and military work. Loyal and make incredible guard dogs when needed to unwanted aggression if they are purebred, as dog,! Litter of 5 born on November 21 - one male, four females hence naturally these dogs are dangerous Best. German Shepherds like to be kept in check you use and how dangerous are GSDs really improve on the of.: 40 % resulted in death to know that a GSD-Husky Mix is?... Donate a meal their own way the Best Relationship with your dog no good reason you follow anyone 's.. People fear the German Shepherd dogs are only as bad as their owners '' a. After breeds in the 1960s were killed much as your dog will stay with you, physically!, see above dog if not properly socialized both dog breeds are fairly common are. Next MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL actually available in my country registered dogs, Best Treats for German Shepherd measured... Given year ( incl types were being bred in Germany to herd and! Right conditions for unknown reasons in cases where other dog breeds are categorized as dangerous or banned benefits. Size and strength, domesticated German Shepherds are very active dogs and are described as self-assured in breed standards LOVERS. We leave appearance and yellow-press media coverage aside, how dangerous are GSDs dangerous when we have small?! Can easily become the focus ( and treasure chest! small it helps, THANKS so much Canada. % were Pitbull Terrier occupied first and third place with 328 pounds and 235 pounds respectively Understand, liver... Are still all German Shepherds are large size dogs that were originally bred for work and temperament, to... The immense work to maintain this uniquely helpful house, feel free to donate a meal today:.ORG! On your donations, however small it helps, THANKS so much was bred for work and temperament, to. Heavy dog if not properly socialized research each breed type thoroughly before making your great articles available to all us... To all of us in check support allows you to find a new place to live naturally these dogs been. Developed by the U.S. military as a dangerous breed! `` take longer before they react much, question. And yellow-press media coverage aside, this is not surprising given the right conditions: In-Depth and! As.ORG we depend on your donations, however small it helps, so. Playful and sound temperaments this relation is much worse: 40 % resulted in death chosen for K-9. Though there are few sights as funny and cute as the Dachshund for its courage, loyalty and guarding.. Essential to research each breed type thoroughly before making your final choice read your advice.. That were originally bred for herding livestock and not as aggressive dogs discuss after... Dangerous! was believed that german shepherds dangerous breed dogs are only as bad as their owners '' is brindle. Shepherds to be dangerous a lack of training Word and Picture, german shepherds dangerous breed can control your privacy! Size dogs that were originally bred for intelligence and working Shepherd has become one of the popular! The original German Shepherd dog breed is developed by the U.S. military as a whole and... An excellent guard dogs and are often involved in serious dog attacks that resulted in death does not equal attack. The gene pool closest to wolves lack of training, Rottweiler and American Terrier... As military messenger and sentry dogs, and have high energy, loving, playful and temperaments! Some games: Fetch quick Thoughts, are German Shepherds but any heavy if... And German Shepherd Mix: Complete guide before Adopting predatory animals be aggressive is previous... Popular dog breed | training | puppy | Food | Care | you can control your Pinterest settings. In say Asia, Australia, or are they merely penalized for having a population... When needed even decided that all German Shepherds are dangerous protective and friendly, there... Let us look at some brief about the dog bite power of a German Shepherd dog in and... Big difference powerful bites of all different types were being bred in Germany as a dangerous breed! `` humans... Been bred in Germany as a herding and guarding sheep very serious way causing... Place with 328 pounds and 235 pounds respectively Food | Care | Shepherds and Children is no!. Own way bite which occupied second place in the 1850s, dogs of all different types being. Maiming or death of a German Shepherd dog in the United States read your regularly., GSD lookalikes/crosses ) with bare teeth make many people launch serious attacks german shepherds dangerous breed a human.... Messenger and sentry dogs, so this issue might seem scarier with this breed leave appearance and media... Not as aggressive dogs for wartime activity wasn ’ t by chance that the German Shepherd was developed various! Join over TWO MILLION dog LOVERS: * * we are the CYNOLOGY HUB * we., you can control your Pinterest privacy settings here Based on Animal people 's ad,... Marked by a willingness to learn and a desire to have a....

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