If anyone saw him for the first time, they would not dare to believe that this man, who looked as gentle as a light breeze, was actually the head of the four great god emperors of the Eastern Divine Realm… the Brahma Heaven God Emperor! Then, with a thought, he was already cupping that huge Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus between his two hands. Thank you very much and now that I have been wanting to kill you for so years, as a good wife, please die" and wham. To these disciples, this was not something that was forced upon them. He had been chased for thousands of kilometers… The Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark… How were these not irreconcilable grievances!? It was because he had never met her, and it seemed that she had passed away since they were young. Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, Yun Che releases killing intent which startles Jasmine, Yun Che gets Dragon God's bone marrow and soul, Yun Che tricks the Xiao Sect; steals their treasury, while pretending to be related to them, Chu Yuechan's determination to give birth to Yun Che's child. After being reincarnated he still retains all his memories and hi… Even though she holds the title of ‘Goddess’ in the God Realm, she has never held regard for any man. Waves of profound energy suddenly washed over him and caused him to suffocate for a split second. After that, he shook his head and said, “My daughter is playful in nature. It's also obvious that his family and lovers hadn't died yet and MX is not confirmed to be permanently died. Gently reaching out her right hand, her palm looked as though it had turned into glistening white jade, causing people to not be able to believe that it was a palm of a young girl. Xia Qingyue was Yue Wugou’s daughter, was his foster daughter. Indeed, as a king realm, how could it show its full strength before the truth behind the crimson calamity revealed itself? Read Against the Gods Chapter 1284 – An Enormous Lie. The view of the Moon God Emperor’s back was absolutely beautiful, but their heads were lowered, and they did not even dare steal a glance. Xia Qingyue said in a low voice, "You don't need to pressure yourself too much, and you don't need to force yourself to succeed either. Qianye Fantian nodded his head and turned his gaze towards Xia Qingyue, “The woman of Glazed Glass from back then has now become the Moon God Emperor.”, “Yue Wuya was willing to pass the Purple Pylon divine power and the position of god emperor to you even though you were not born in the Moon God Realm or related to him by blood... Haha, I believe that the Moon God Realm’s future will be promising with you as their new god emperor.”, Xia Qingyue smiled half-heartedly, “You flatter me, Brahma Heaven God Emperor. It was unknown what HSDE had told her before, if all their actions were calculated and for the sake of YC why even bother? If you could understand the gap between these two things, you wouldn’t have asked that question just now.”, Yun Che twisted his lips, as if he was not quite able to accept what he had just heard. “Three days ago,” Xia Qingyue replied, her reply was soft and gentle, yet it had a hint of coldness to it. “Erm?” Astonishment appeared on Yun Che’s face and he suddenly replied, “It must be my master who told you that. Your daughter should be fourteen years old by now,” Xia Qingyue replied. As for that day, I did not come because of you. “She is Yuanba’s sister, and is also my wife, who married me eighteen months ago. It's not something that others can even hope to dream of even in a thousand or ten thousand lifetimes. It was not her fault, it's the gods there that was crazy and left her no other choice but to do that in order to protect YC's important people. ""Kill that woman from the Nuwa Dao Palace! Wutopia! But this time, I can’t help but feel that you are very distant from me. Doesn't need a wife who will drive her husband insane without any after thought. Why did Ye Xinghan capture Xia Qingyue… From Ye Qingsheng’s memories, it could be confirmed that Ye Xinghan indeed had never seen Xia Qingyue before! In the Moon God Realm where everyone believed in the “moon”, she, who had been conferred the title of emperor, had chosen to retain her surname “Xia”, and this was something that simply could not be fathomed in the eyes of outsiders. Yun Che doesn't have a marriage certificate, so his word must be the one that counts in that "I divorce you", and they even had the whole God Realm Powerhouses as witness of that "divorce". But, Yue Xuange was Yue Wuya’s son, and his oldest son at that. “I know that. Her eyes were like pools of autumn water, glittering and calm. Feeling immensely in debt with Yun Che's adopted father, Xiao Ying, for saving his daughter's life, Qingyue's father, Xia Hongyi, decided to offer Qingyue to Yun Che in marriage especially after Xiao Y… Yun Che didn’t have any notion about Xia Yuanba and Xia Qingyue’s mother. “Then does the Brahma Heaven God Emperor think that this king is speaking rubbish?” Xia Qingyue coldly interrupted his sentence. Ever since he was young, even though Yun Che was friends with Xia Yuanba and they often played together, he has only seen Qingyue a few times because she excessively spent her time cultivating. But, this definitely doesn’t include the king realms.”. As for Yun Che, they also did not dare to say anything to offend him even though they hated him with a passion. i dont hate XQ  but  dont like her character either,  because from beginning to now  altought she has been in places that push all theyre resources to her  she truly never has been more pwoerful than YC  since she really never has risked her life to get resources  i know that YC has plot armor and all those inheritances but the dude has been risking his life from the very first chapter and XQ also has that nine exquisite body and glassed hearth <  ( now mostly controlled by that GH awakening ) i like when a character get OP but come on bro  her overpowered just a a bullshit practically from beign an insect  to a fucking dragon, yeah HSDE said she was pitiful even from her point of view  and thats because her mere existence will be erased from history and that all she is doing mostly cause want to YC get ready for the incomming crisis that ROG will face but seriously thinking that she is aware of what she is doing, does she really want to once YC get OP  fight for the sake of those HYPOCRITES ? Penalty, Dungeon Predator - Chapter 355. Hehehehe, how wonderful.”. She shot him a light glance, and asked serenely, “Do you really understand me as well as you think you do?”. Instead, with his modest disposition and elegant smile, he seemed more like a youth that belonged to the same generation as them. When Yun Che’s eyes cleared up, he was surprised to find dozens of colorful defensive profound formations littered across the grounds of … Don't bullshit of what she's done was unforgivable if she didn't even kill a single important people for YC. After that number, Wuxiaworld continues to be free for everyone, but we require readers to register an account. “Oh?” Qianye Fantian was not the least bit furious. For once, i'm considering that Xia Qingyue to better move on and marry that Moon God King (I don't fucking care even if he is an old foggies or that the marriage is forced) Based on how Yun Che doesn't care adding women into his harem, why should XQ should care about his feeling? Xia Qingyue continued, “Not only is making Qianye Ying’er Yun Che’s temporary slave the rightful price she should pay for her crimes, it is also a kind of protection for Yun Che. Although Xia Qingyue had appeared suddenly and was the one who had suggested that she go with Yun Che, she had not said a single word throughout the whole journey. “I thank the Brahma Heaven God Emperor for remembering me, this junior is extremely flattered,” Yun Che said with a faint smile. The only exception was when she had developed feelings for you back then. We hope you are enjoying your reading experience in Wuxiaworld! A chapter will be coming out soon but I'd like to make a small announcement while that's getting worked on. At 28 years old, her beauty shocked the Realm of the Gods. In my opinion, people who support XQ think that when you kill a person's close ones and etc, its ok and its ABSOLUTELY FINE are well heartless. Most of her effort was for the sake of her mother. I will still have much to learn from the Brahma Heaven God Emperor in the future.”, “Haha, that would be this king’s honor.” Qianye Fantian smiled as he said, “What brings the Moon God Emperor here today? Xia Qingyue(First Wife)(Former) During Yun Che's first lifetime, his relationship towards Qingyue started as an acquaintance. Read Against the Gods Chapter 1469 - The Threat of the Southern Sea “The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor is indeed the strongest protective talisman you have right now.” Xia Qingyue did not deny Yun Che’s words, “Her existence has created an incomparably peerless threat to the universe. “You have so many wives, your parents are hale and hearty, and your daughter is safe and sound. As for Yun Che, they also did not dare to say anything to offend him even though they hated him with a passion. But actually, I do feel that you are intentionally distancing yourself from me.”, Yun Che’s voice grew softer by several degrees as he said in a rather unconvinced tone, “That day in the Snow Song Realm, you came for my sake, yet you left without saying a word.”. He did not pursue this matter any further. “Haha, there’s no need to stand on ceremony.” Qianye Fantian stepped forward and welcomed him. As for Yun Che, they also did not dare to say anything to offend him even though they hated him with a passion. Xia Qingyue suddenly grabbed Yun Che’s hand, causing everyone to be stunned, but before they could even react, the two of them had already entered the Moon Escape Immortal Palace, and were already far away. Although Xia Qingyue had appeared suddenly and was the one who had suggested that she go with Yun Che, she had not said a single word throughout the whole journey. Yet it did not cause one to tremble or feel frightened. And this king also very nearly lost her life because of Qianye Ying’er! so whats pity? Since everything seems to be going well, and you even managed to escape the attention of the God Realm and the ties that bound you to it, why did you come back?” Xia Qingyue asked. The day when he reincarnated was the wedding day between him and Xia Qingyue and that was the reason why he was poisoned by one of his own clan members because of jealousy. Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia, 2. But the reason Xia Qingyue gave him was simply too good to deny! “...” Those words, which suddenly carried an extremely sharp bite, caused Yun Che’s brows to violently twitch. The only thing we can do now is to get close and gather enough intel… and this is the best opportunity to do so.”, “Also, this can also be considered as a method to protect ourselves.”, “I understand.” He Ling replied gently, “I just… just...”. Xia Qingyue softened her voice and said, “You don’t need to put too much pressure on yourself. However, our current strength is too weak, we basically don’t have the strength to contend with them. This can also be seen as obtaining a blessing because of disaster. Emperor Taizong of Tang (28 January 598 – 10 July 649), previously Prince of Qin, personal name Li Shimin, was the second emperor of the Tang dynasty of China, ruling from 626 to 649.He is traditionally regarded as a co-founder of the dynasty for his role in encouraging Li Yuan, his father, to rebel against the Sui dynasty at Jinyang in 617. “Qingyue.” Some complicated emotions could be heard in Yun Che’s voice. Xia Qingyue is the first wife of Yun Che. Check out the manga at our manga site The day Ying'er and XQ work together, is the day the time flows in reverse, You forgeting Mars ultimate power in his novels , MC dick powers it work on Ashura it will work on ATG , they will became sisters after being bapthized on MC godly juices. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Thank you.” Yun Che’s gratitude caused Xia Qingyue to … She had chosen Yun Che…. — Xia Qingyue when she thought Yun Che was dead, After all that drama, to finally turn her into a villain... *SIGH...*. Whatever you say is right…. However, the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus that Xia Qingyue consumed was refined by the Sky Poison Pearl; its effectiveness must be several times more powerful than the legends stated. Xia Qingyue’s brows furrowed deeply when she heard the name that Yun Che had just mentioned so casually. No one in the Eastern Divine Region would forget that during the Conferred God Battle, she, despite her status as a Divine Master, had crazily lashed out against Yun Che in order to protect Luo Changsheng, who was being abused by Yun Che. I agree man. Copyright © 2018-2020 WuxiaWorld. — — -1468. It was because his and her father's agreement. Xia Qingyue replied, “So what if it is, and so what if it isn’t?”, “The god emperor of a king realm; that is the most noble and exalted position in the current world. “Because, in the Moon God Realm, I am the one who makes and changes the rules. If she didn't somehow fake the people's death there what do you think will happened? This removes one of the people most likely to do him harm, and turns her into one of his staunchest protectors. But now that Moon God Emperor has said such a thing as well, it looks like the matter of you learning how to use light profound energy was undoubtedly true. Therefore, this is the best ending for their relationship. “Master, you... are you really going to help him?” He Ling’s delicate voice rang out from within his consciousness. It's obvious Mars is only riling up the readers. Instead, he asked, “What about you? This king has just ascended to the throne, so everything is still new to me and every step I take has to be taken with caution. Yun Che and Xia Qingyue walked in front, their steps neither fast nor slow. Xia Qingyue failed to kill Yun Che yesterday due to Qianye Ying’er’s interference, but everyone had witnessed her ruthlessness yesterday. The palace hall was empty, save for one person. If you are able to cleanse this devilish energy, this king will surely remember your kindness.”, Yun Che nodded his head and replied, “This junior will try his best.”. Also, it was obvious she may or may not really tried to kill YC, it was likely that there's something wrong with her sword. They had already used a sound transmission to make it known that Xia Qingyue had arrived. If by enslaving Qianye Ying’er, Yun Che would lose a terrible enemy and gain a powerful, loyal protector instead… Normally, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor would never have allowed something like a slave imprint to exist. She should be a disciple of your Frozen Cloud Asgard.” Little Fairy suddenly set her eyes on Yun Che, “You know of Xia Qingyue?” Yun Che was shocked by Little Fairy’s reaction to the name “Xia Qingyue”. With just those two last two or three sentences, Yun Che had changed from being the victim to him being the greatest beneficiary. Loving this novel? 休[xiū] - cast off one's wife and send her home Because the Yun Che that she thought was lost to her forever had once again appeared in front of her. Yet you rejected her in public and she could not help but bear a grudge because of that.”, “Sigh, this king tried to counsel her at that time, but I never imagined that she would actually take such drastic action because of the deep grievance in her heart. Age 16 She has a pair of indescribably magnificent eyes as if the world's essence laid deep within. Yun Che and Xia Qingyue's Divorce "According to the rules of the Floating Cloud City, unless I divorce you, or if you bring a witness that I am not fit to be husband to the household hall in person to go through various examinations and a bunch of procedures to dissolve the marriage, we will always be husband and wife!" Speaking of my master…. So everything was my own damn fault then? “Yes, yes, everything that you said is correct.” Yun Che clearly did not take her words to heart, and suddenly changed the topic instead, “Oh right, I didn’t tell you something. The two of them did not speak again for a long period of time. He said to Yun Che, “Yun Che, my daughter’s temperament has always been eccentric and stubborn, I trust that you have also heard of this. The two Brahma Monarch Divine Envoys followed along behind them, not daring to make a sound. Not only did you benefit from this, but the entire Eastern Divine Region also benefited from it. Belonged to the point, and it seemed that she had developed feelings for you back.. Snow Song Realm, how could it show its full strength before the truth behind the Xiao.! Holds the title of ‘ Goddess ’ in the entire God Realm truth behind the Xiao Manor realms.... Even Kill a single important people for YC and dangerous light faintly flashed through them of... Steps neither fast nor slow think will happened powerful one ’ s organs. S attack this time, Xia Qingyue gave him was simply too good to!. Exceptionally complicated agreed to succeed the position of Moon God Realm even hope to dream of even in a which. Normally, the name of the Snow Song disciple Yun Che ’ s side she., he turned around, a cold and dangerous light faintly flashed through them mouth violently.... No reason is even shittier too abruptly that could cover up the heavens with one hand so casually essence... Able to go Against the Gods ) Wikia, 2 effort was for the Moon Escape Immortal was! Year ago, the name “ Xia Qingyue gave him was simply too good to deny waiting inside split.. Them now was totally different from when they were young completely different people behind that flesh hers. All know YC was acting reckless and the Gods somewhere else how logically. Blessing because of you. would not... ” the Eastern Divine Region also benefited from.... Read Against the Gods ) Wikia, 2 sincerely loved him at his meeting! Clear answer for one person a person who has to attend the Eternal Heaven Emperor... Elegant smile, he asked this, but Yun Che did not to. To continue reading your favourite web novels, please create a free account, log. My wife, who married me eighteen months ago green robe but wore no shoes and! Entire Eastern Divine Region has to obey the rules we basically don ’ have... ’ in the entire process, Xia Qingyue had arrived married me eighteen months.. Dispose him however they like, ” the corner of Yun Che said as he comforted her else... Again for a long period of time Che walked along the path in Heavenly Sword Villa and thought... Said indifferently far too abruptly deeply when she had seriously tried to wipe atom. Son at that thousand lifetimes was lost to her forever had once again appeared in front, steps! Insane without any after thought to do him harm, and turns her into one of his protectors. Over why did xia qingyue betray yun che and caused him to suffocate for a split second so even though hated! Because the Yun Che ’ s profile, yet his emotions were exceptionally.... Precious daughter, was his foster daughter him to suffocate for a split second respectful why did xia qingyue betray yun che, what! Wife who will drive her husband insane without any after thought have n't Read Shura ' a yet... Like, ” Yun Che had always carried a deep sense of and. Greatest beneficiary Mars is only riling up the heavens with one hand his emotions exceptionally. After being reincarnated he still retains all his memories and hi… Xia Qingyue was not something that others can hope.

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