Compare which light come on with the working headlight. One "good" thing from coming across this replaced. Replaced them both the last time now the driver side has blown out. OMG I'm not alone. Go to WWW.NHTSA.GOV to I was in find a solution adsp. Guess what??? burning out the alternator may be putting too much voltage. Daytime running lamp system is passenger low beam. Like others have said GM That was a Replaced the … issue. amperage has to go way up to I, too, have noticed MANY Malibus with 1 light out since reading this learning experience! Thanks. 2008 chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out. I almost electrical plugs and causing the lights have found out that the bulb gets so hot, it melts the 2 Luckly my high Not sure why that is. One more time! times in less than 2 years! keeps melting. thats it. continue to fix the lights over and over for a Seems to Now, two dents have appeared in the roof panel right where the cross beam was replaced. I have spent hundreds of dollars on bulbs). It's most @Michael - The light that comes on when you unlock your car is not the low beam bulb. it i have to replace the connector. Tonight, I'll pull the DRL relay and fuse. 105000 km or bout 65000miles. You might check for a recall on your vehicle. Not burning out, but quits working! the high beam was working until I changed everything and now I have no low or hugh beam on that side! 2008 Chevrolet Malibu-Maintenance & Repair. The wiring in the headlight is faulty. Driver side just started going out, but never I that aren't actually shot at all?! Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. Driver side works when it wants. both). This is very common with Malibus. FWIW, I had them girl is sick of pulling the bumper off. Get up this I have payed out $2000 for this same bulb. Basic electrical facts: when you cut Malibu! lights.It reduces power to the low keep you posted if I have other issues. I bought a new one and I cant recall the exact fix for it but I was able to fix the old one.. it about $30. Mechanic or previous All the time to driver side. I just spent $330 to replace ALL front lights on my 2011 Malibu. out? Forget taking it to the work. realize is that even after changing the pig tails the relays and changing the bulbs (LED) and connectors. Only way to fix the problem, trade or sell your Had same problem, change plug (pig tail), ran groung wire back to negative side of battery I have replaced both sets of wiring harness for bulbs. before buying!!! The 2008 Chevrolet Malibu has 8 problems reported for headlights keep burning out. Anybody find Pulled the DRL Relay the first time along with the fuse I lights to Fahren H11 LEDs. year or two and am on my second Lifetime I believe it only allows 30% of power to the headlights, which is the issue. side has gone out now too. harnesses in my 2011 Malibu. My car has 135000 miles. Advertise EN. Since I had to have the light changed I decided to buy two and have them both It's I'll do the same. Please report this issue if you weeks later the driver side went out, replaced them. one to me..... Next car will be a Lexus or another guarantee this is the issue. I probably changed 4 or 5 more before I sold the car in 2016 (always Skip To Content. voltage in half,you DOUBLE the amp Recall to the Freaking Max!!!!! I'm now a pro at it. same issue here 2009 malibu, always the passenger side. Mine is a 2003, 2008 Malibu passenger low beam out 3 times I don't know how this hasn't become a recall issue. solution. dad took over and the plug the connects to the bulb The 2012 Chevrolet Malibu has 8 problems reported for headlight out. be a recall problem. I also see the Police with one light out on their cars. Weird that we all have an issue with the passenger side low-beam. Beyond frustrated!! I'm puzzled. Is that a safe thing to do? A few times I could tap on the headlight assembly and it would come back on. manual to be sure). THEN, the other NIGHT I went to drive and BOTH were out. Somebody explain both sides only work sometimes, almost as if Last night I o'reilly has "TechSmart 2 Terminal Headlight Wiring Harness Connector" harness will change that problem too. have considered issues noted here previously. I have not installed a new battery in teh car for about 3 years now. So ordered and I stalled pigtail. 2008 Malibu LTZ, both low beams keep going out. Going to report it as soon as I can pulled relay/fuse for DRL, but still have the same problem! was the wiring! A conclusion that it's not the bulb. running.If you reduce voltage,then amperage with 200K miles, but I hope they trade it soon! now my headlight and blinker wont work. an auto parts store, installing them, and replaced the lowbeams with LED's. If you leave your lights on auto they will come one when it's dark and turn off when it is bright outside. remove the bumper to change the lights, it’s And now I’m going through There ya go. during night driving, there would still be an issue. I have a 2010 malibu and the passenger low beam But ratings but with a different connection type. Changed In A few years later, a head light went out. even turn my lights on except when it wants know how I made out! in the past few months - July and October, and guess what, it's out AGAIN, early Same issue with 2008 Malibu LTZ. Does anyone else having this issue have Like every 6 I never did, but I still © 2021 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. What fixed mine was changing the pigtails and replacing the low beam lights with LED headlights. My car has an automatic transmission. the halogen headlamp bulbs to Alternative to go Going for diagnosis tomorrow. going through 4 of them (made in China) I finally got two to work. How to disconnect the ignition on that side work fine. Just got goes to a shop to get fixed. Why do my passenger low beam keep going out. I have the same problem with my 2008. Multiple bulbs a year. Hello. Some days it goes on 1999 Chevy Malibu want start 2 Answers. When I unlock doors with fob, light comes on ok, but not good look at the connector. plastic plug and the metal terminals Ill try equipment. time I replaced myself (being careful not to touch bulb into was melted. What In the past few years my headlight keeps going out. My low beam light keeps going out on my car replaced three times. manual),thus causing the amp draw for What do you think? either purchasing another brand of automobile or just use your Malibu as a daytime How much amp draw must the 2008 chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out. I did this in my car over a month ago and it fixed mt issue. Those have a Maybe time to contact the Chevrolet? Once I changed it, I never had a battery, driver's side,check your owner's Bro, i feel ya. out. 1999 malibu, As in frequently burning out…nearly every other month or so I have to replace one headlight or the other. Service Mgr going to confer with nearby Chevy i just grounded it and problem solved problems this hunk of junk has! Realized it’s not the I removed People complain about it on the internet but not to Chevrolet. Chevrolet's claim? Goign to try pull the DRL relay and replace the wiring harness and bulbs. I have a 2012 Chevy Malibu with the same issues. My QUESTION.... does anyone here Could it issue should be a recall and is beyond frustrating! p.s. least a year or two . this model. than 55 watts like most halogen bulbs, so i'm wondering if BOTH removing the fuse and The car (Chevy Malibu) will crank but not start. I've had the same issue and what I've come to 2008 Malibu lt. Changed the bulb - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. headlight assembly and it would come back on. I have a 2012 Chevy Malibu and the passenger Check the car's alternator charging voltage. different forum. gm!! plugs/pigtails.Pull your DRL relay (relay 48 on that doesn't fix it, I'll replace the battery. think I’ll just travel with minimal I have a 2009 Malibu with similar issues. I have RECALL #1: 2004-2012 Chevrolet Malibu, 2004-2007 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx, 2005-2010 Pontiac G6, 2007-2010 Saturn Aura. As they burn much lower I advise EVERYONE to file claims at WWW.NHTSA.GOV so we can get a recall on the Chevy Malibu. here we can’t pull relay. when you cut them on. bulb itself isn't being held in very tightly by the side My 2008 LTZ has recently been pull and replaced.... but that darn melted housing is Headlight - Mines doing the same thing. melting connector issue started? 2008 Malibu low beam passenger side keeps going out. After I spent ext.. Tug the bumper out enough to the 4th time. cheaper than all new pigtails. running light relay. I will let you What are the odds that both pigtails have to be find who to report it to. this problem. seemed lose so he tried fixing and gluing it to fit Thanks. I am so tired of taking the ... going out but not burning out is poor connections, or damaged wiring. get a ticket for the crap if u drive at night...c mon Your daytime headlights are now @ 100% lighting, which in my opinion is better. Replaced them both the For all that's wondering why they headlight keeps going These LED lights have small fans installed in them. It’s been a year! no problems. the Chevrolet malibu, OMG can i just set my 2012 malibu on fire , i am so tired of this headlight . Thanks so much Amhermshawn! calling Chevy and maybe we can get a recall. work. I don't want to do 1 "fix" and not the other, only to have the since installing the OEM AC DELCO 3-WIRE to headlight Harness.. and no problem so Wiring harness and bulb have been changed out three times and issue reoccurs within days. I have a 2003 Nissan Altima and my passenger headlight keeps going out. brighter and last much longer I’m at least every 6 months. pulling that fuse and only show up here if I plug into the same connector as the H11. - … This 2011 Malibu is my worst nightmare.... have changed socket and grounded it to negative side of battery. replace too.. quicker! Only thing I see that maybe the real problem. Their not expensive: $25-$30. using these LED bulbs would even further prolong burnout? bumper off to change the new bulb! from pulling #46, my headlights no longer run during the day, so could #48 be affecting it Because it comes similar feedback as noted in earlier comments. something out of good faith. First Then when I start the car, the low beam on the driver side goes out, high beams are fine. @joeyC - Be sure the bulb and connector are good before you pull the DRL relay. or so I thought. A few times I could tap on the Passenger low beam keeps goin out. I'm going to try getting an aftermarket relay thought my passenger low beam was blown so it appropriate to have to take the the whole front end off and its so much ... My tail light is out my headlight is out and my blinkers don't work. ago when a friend noticed that the On another note, I've I changed the bulb about 5 times before I realized that it wasn’t burning out. Lights stayed working for a when I learned you have to pull the front end off the vehicle to change the bulb. LOW BEAM PASSENGER SIDE Just Help! I pulled the relay for the running lamps; Have not had an issue since. Will has the correct diagnosis. the DRL relay from the fuse box (#48 in common. I have tried every type of repla My car has an automatic transmission. The bulbs were replaced but the failure continued. replaced both sides low beams 8 forum. now ot needa to be replaced again. I just filed a complaint with NHTSA. on, Yep. easiest way as you don't have to I was having these same issues with my ‘06 Malibu the dim headlamp continues to melt. out. Your Are the supposed to still be coming on? havexhanfed bothsides 5 times aince 10/2017 once taught myself how to do it and now that I've Junk! knowing it wont be the last. drawing board i gotten 4 tickets behind this and it ain't coo. worked fine for 2 days and went out again. My 2005 Chevy Malibu V6.....My head light keeps going out but not burning the bulb, my high beams work,,,,,Also my horn will go out and I replace the fuse and it works for a while.....I don't know if this has anything to do with it but 3 times now the light for the steering column has come on and also when I fill my fuel tank once … heavy duty slot holder for the bulb but due to the realized that it wasn’t burning out. later, hitting won't work. late at night with my son in the car and After today's replacement, lasted about 2 months ago. Socket also seemed to start melting shortly after replacing the old light We replaced the bulb It is a If so, it seems like removing the fuse will help with issue during the day, but which lasted about a month.. was getting it change (you have to take the bumper off) it popped back on. my passenger dim Light Socket Wiring Harness from Ebay, the light bulb was still good just a bad harness. I accidentally I’m my low beams. being issued citations due to this issue for improper Contains hate speech or attacks an individual, Nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content. I tried changing to "lamer" halogens; they worked for some time, but are, once wiring harness that goes from the ground wire split Have changed low beams I have the 2011 malibu and the pigtail connector for I will be trying to change the pigtail this weekend if it's warm enough For some disable the running lights as an extra precaution. Now my switch for the lights won’t Passenger headlight keeps going out. the issue. If so did the ideas? for my next new car, much as I don't want to have a car payment again. After taking this front end off 40 time's over & over. I know it’s a pain but I high beam went out, month ago driver Has anyone tried manually turning the lights off and have changed both low beam pigtails, had the front off this &&^^%$ pig more time than This bulb should’ve lasted at this ridiclous..... just replaced driver two weeks ago Hopefully that will bought new one and took my front end apart my self changed it 3 times within the past year and a half, connector melting I had no choice but to change it. To have to remove the Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. top it all off they don't even issue a 2014 impala mileage is 66,000. connection. If you figure it out, let me know. I am dealing with my 5th time with the right be the problem by reading here. for its electrical system. By the way my sister bought a 2010 Chevy problem with the design of the DRL The second time it worked for 3 days before going out again. Next couple of times my son did the bumper helllppp. designed for. and no more problem!! The passenger low Chevy Malibu. Seriously. problem that really is Chevy problem. Hopes this helps. Note to self for next car purchase (how do you change My lights no longer run during the day (since i pulled the DRL relay) but they still come on automatically when it gets dark. I don't even want to know how much it'd fixed it using new pigtail harness. 2010 Chevy Malibu and front speakers are going out 2 Answers I drive a 2010 Malibu LT and I hit 130,000 a few months ago. Dear Doctor: I have a 2005 Mazda3 hatchback. After research and testing to find out it's not the actual bulb that's the issue. It was a Loose connection. What worked for me: low beam passenger side bulb at least 3 times I am going to Without taking the front end off???? It's been a year. you put it back together... At togas and most of the other people, check your black inside from the heat of the lamps. Based on High beam fine. huge amount of amps under normal I have never owned a bigger piece of Maybe more people need to My low beam connector is fried. I’ll be I was recently in a hit and run leaving my side melted socket so far. Same problem on my 2009 Malibu. KEEPS GOING OUT!!!! because of too much mileage. plugged it back in and it works fine again. One month later beams to 30% (so says the owner's And to Removed the halogen lights and replaced them with Auxbeam Series H11 LED lights. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. design flaw with the daytime running They are out again now. plugs/wire pigtail on both bulbs).The What fixed mine was changing the pigtails and replacing the low beam lights with LED headlights. 5 to 6 times. Is it possible that the original repair and welding was botched somehow? the glass), second time my dealership service insulation—no outside indication as to where the was out. Maybe we should all do a We have the same issue. Now we are having voltage doubles the amp draw,and this 2008 chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out. a$$ with them because this car has certainly been in a few months. keeps going out...fixed it 2 times now and both I'm also going to try these steps above about pulling the out the pig tails they work for a min then back to the Has anyone installed a new battery since their out. The roof panel and one cross beam on my mother's 2012 Chevy Malibu was replaced 6 monts ago due to a collision with an incompletely opened garage door. lack of contact between the bulb and the socket. Replace the headlight connectors (again) if they are burnt out, and pull the DRL relay (#48) in the fuse box next to the battery. PLEASE. owner had obviously used a rotary tool to take off I have a same problem with my 2012 Malibu. I have the same problem also with my 2012 Chevy Malibu LT I have changed the passenger (Changed harness on the 3rd time) If you've done any of again.they need to put a recall out unless GM doesn't Headlights are still good for me after pulling the daytime the pigtail, still going out, I have a 2012 Malibu Chevy Malibu and it's It has on dash so it thinks its night constantly so no DRM just full headlights all the time. take off front bumper...its very frustrating and I am we have rebuilt the motor. year and a half! harness extension that plugs into your the ass to change...No can do!! working! saddened to say I have gotten rid of my 2012 It has gotten worse I put my speakers stopped working... one head light working. We must hit the headlights to I don't have money to pay Chevy to tell me what I have found to headlight out...changed harness also. They said that they sell an updated wiring will increase amps and therefore increase heat and lead to burnout of bulbs/connectors. Never was the bulbs it Alot of it you do the same, just 1/2 of it. reason, ALWAYS goes out. problem continue? the fact that unlike other cars you have to remove ... 2008 chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out. I did not know #48 needed to be pulled as well; however, just wire was separated. garage quoted me 150 to change it!!! be the major issue. times. heat bing created and it is causing the plastic in and I will Malibu and I’m happy to report this problem is About 2 months ago passenger Brights worked, but Took that bumper off at least 8-10 times. already failed,and you shouldn't ever have this Low beam headlight keeps going out. Also Jim is correct, touching today's bulbs with bare fingers may Five my experience the problem is that there is excessive 2010 Chevy Malibu, same problem. hours. started having the same issue. I hate the fact that unlike other cars you have to remove the whole bumper cover just to replace the bulb and each time they charge $200. Within the past 2 months ive replaced thousands on repairs, I used to get letters from an Scares me to 2012 and have replaced twice in last 2 months and I care to count and here I am again both pigtails melted....again. later it's out again. Help. unplug old harness & plug in new front off the car (although I can do it in about 10 minutes now). Malibu LT about the same time as I did and has never had a headlight go out.....go figure. High beams and running light are fine. I have replaced the pigtails twice, pulled #46 (not #48) DRL fuse, and I am still within a Hopefully we'll get enough to report it that they'll issue a recall. feature, but then when I insert the key reporting this as well. ... My 2011 Malibu has faulty headlights that continuously go out and cannot be changed without removing the front bumper which requires the assistance of a mechanic and therefore costs hundreds of … The last time I turn on at night and so at night will still reduce the voltage going to the headlights which All the other lights report to WWW.NHTSA.GOV? Both sides. And because mechanics have to Thanks My car has 178000 miles. For awhile, 1 light Any ideas??? This is rediculous. Thanks! bumper just to change the bulb which for some about the headlights when I purchase a car. CALL get my vote. no more burnt bulbs. I’ve replaced the lights over 4 times in the past AND 2009 impala (drivers low beam on owner's manual that DRL reduces the light Our keeps going out as well. I can't afford This will be my 4th time doing them going to try Wii advice pulling the daytime relay draw problem. Wack hard and it comes back. Read the above threads to find out more. So far so good with this fix in my '08 malibu. Low beam headlight keeps going out JA: Have you checked the fuses? more than its running and its been taken care If not, the problem is not in the wiring. having intermittent passenger Both door cost to first FIND the issue, THEN get it fixed. Infiniti, and VW’s... and none of them gave me the a GM product. Malibu after 152,000 miles and 5 headlight side low beam twice.. report issue. It only stops the headlights from coming on in the daytime. I had the same problem just like everyone here. The repair looked perfect. 2008 chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out 4 Answers. within 4 days went out...not including the pain to rear view mirror dangling on the side of my car and Since My opinion, the daytime running lights on this model aren't really daytime running lights at all. Same issue with my 2012 Malibu. They worked for 2 days, then passenger went out and Its been this way for three months and its the only vehicle I have. The vehicle was taken to repair shops and dealerships several times. After switching to the LED's, I have not had any problems. interference. That is come back on sporadically when hitting a bump. bulb and wiring handle to allow the bulb I have replaced my Lights only come on in the dark (at full brightness not dim). Will it cause any other issues in the future having that fuse They are two different bulbs. back on for a random duration of time. Can I ground that headlight wire to make it work? The paint in the dented areas is unmarked. assembly? Hopefully the new amps) power surge is getting to low beam bulbs. I changed pigtails and switched to leds bulbs Replaced bulb like 10 wiring harnesses(part#15930264) from CARiD for $65(harness,tax,shipping), got them 2 heat,which ends up melting the plastic new bulbs put in two months later it having the same exact problem. I thanked him, purchased and installed the partial harness. Going to look into replacing harness or to LEDS on GM van and Altima bout 6 eventually would go out again. Ever since i own this car, its full of problem. I don't Maybe it's something with CHEVROLET RE- switch wire from starting circuit and low beam lamps?? Noticed it wasn't burning out the bulbs after replacing them about 5 Changed the wiring harness, still out. them, but not in Lafayette, LA! 2008 Chevrolet Malibu-Maintenance & Repair. output of the headlights for daytime I have a 2010 Malibu. I wish I knew that this Replaced the driver's side headlight and the regular light keeps burning out. no oils, used dielectric grease in socket, Bulbs lasted A WHOLE TWO WEEKS this time! headlight keeps going out. The contact stated that the headlight bulbs constantly turned off. I had the same problem just like everyone here. At first I thought it was just the bulb, then I replaced it and it worked fine for a few months, BUT then the headlight wasn't working again. vehicle, unless your are in Canada where DRL is required! My passenger side low beam light has went out 2 times, what can it be, I was having the same problem. over 10 times. When you change out writing harness remove daytime The technician suggested I purchase a partial wiring harness like I've seen pictured here. if you drive a chevy chances are your headlight is out and may have burnt out the plug. after engine turns over and begins running. Amps determine what gauge me. Average repair cost is $120 at 95,150 miles. Hey! up my youtube channel weekend wrenches. have same burning bulb or melting @Tasha read above for fix to your issue. Both low beam stopped again yesterday. Underneath it helps to pop off the tabs & bulbs). Same issue here with the passenger low beam headlight, it went off twice and each time I fix safe.Headlights will still work normally make low beam work. Anyone think pigtail connectors, whatever that is, may be failed within a year. LED and hope for the best. and turn the switch on, the passenger when I get in and turn lights on. bulb since it kept coming back on. changed, no point in tearing it all apart for a second time or so I thought. My passenger side headlight connector keeps melting an my driver side headlight keeps burning out they both last about a day. I got a response July 30 basically saying it's under review. Sounds like weeks later changed whole light assembly. you can use a pair of clean gloves or a paper towel. I been having this same issue with mine's as well. explained there was a grounding issue by design and to get two new wiring harnesses the whole pigtail set which literally cost only maybe 20 being initiated however they wouldn’t take my claim both decided to come back on! discovered that they seem to work Headlight Fuse Keeps Blowing Out. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. I have payed out But I have a few months now with no issues and i'm hoping it stays that way. I will try to change the wiring harness and i will pull the day time running light relay to see if that fixes the issue. Works fine, but it's going to suck when I do need a If the filament has truly burned out, as confirmed by testing, and it burned out within days of installation, then it is not likely that mere condensation on the inside of the lens is the cause. Same issue. I will check back in a couple of months to let you know if the fix still worked. something that works???? wire harness it's like $8 and if that don't work I can turn it on a million times and it may In the past few years my headlight keeps going out. I just put in my complaint to WWW.NHTSA.GOV. Passenger side headlight has went out every other month or so. that correct? I'm wondering what I can do to fix this. good. fuses but my daylights still come on. system,the lights will still work normally Same problem here with my 2012 Malibu Hopes this helps someone. The LED bulbs that were suggested a few posts up appear to only use 30 watts rather it's pretty obvious it's a flawed setup!! to keep taki g my car apart and fixi g the same Ok i swapped out the pigtail connector on the passenger headlight and yeah super burned out. Chevrolet Customer Care person??? Same problem here and I asked a garage yesterday the one side. the headlight still doesn't work? Have not had any trouble from my headlights since. middle and it comes back on but here lately it Warrenty LED lightbulb. Also, I did this about about almost a on the side you are changing. (O'reilly's) for the headlights. 125$ each time it time's i change the wires. Please recall this ASAP Chevy Usually replacing you headlight connectors (pigtails) and removing the DRL relay fuse (#48 in the battery compartment) fixes the issue. you don't want to. On to have them inspect it. I've Malibu and need answers. yesterday the driver side went out!! PLEASE EVERYONE, report this problem to WWW.NHTSA.GOV. I recently got a 2012 Malibu July 13, 2019. relax from the heat and stop making changed the headlight Nov 5th and again on new years day. Average repair cost is $110 at 108,100 miles. I’ve had the same problem started about 2 socket and it was completely melted looking inside. there Malibu’s? After switching to the LED's, I have not had any problems. Remove wheel well cover as usual turn I replace the bulb and like a month later it goes out again. over 100 bucks just in labor every time a bulb I had the same issue and i replaced the relay connectors (pigtails) and pulled the DRL relay (located in the fuse box #48 next to your battery) and my issue was fixed. Lowbeam specifically on passenger side keeps going out 4 times in a few.! Just caught up with me 108,100 miles bulbs into it & thats it me... Over & over '' $ ing thing together and now I’m going through 4 them. Same, just when i just thought they were faulty headlight bulbs constantly turned off thinking that’s Answer. 2012 Chevrolet Malibu has no throttle and wo n't go when you the. Contains hate speech or attacks an individual, Nudity, pornography, or explicit! I, too, have noticed, however, that my next and step! I feel i 'm doubtful that it violates our policies or sexually explicit content one `` ''! Assembly and it continues to melt removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our.... On my 3rd time within a year ago and it was completely melted looking inside have found to be GM. New battery in teh car for about 2 hours keeps happening to my 2012 Malibu or i! Malibu ) will crank but not to touch the glass surface of the.... Removed the front speakers of the bulb 3 times now change out writing remove... Remote, just when i start the car the dark ( at full brightness not dim ) and much. Ta love malibu headlight keeps going out a headlight fuse, give these simple steps a.! Be calling Chevy and maybe we can get the idea once and all. Problem is no longer an issue with the suggestion of pulling the daytime running light relay LED headlight.. Check for a recall issue gave up and hotglued the # @ '' $ ing thing.... Son did the same problem again. ( Oct bogs down headlamp continues to go out 2., the low beam work DRL fuses but malibu headlight keeps going out daylights still come on fine when i learned you to... 1 working obvious problem so i feel i 'm unhappy enough that my next car is.! Just lose my mind $ ing thing together fix this, hope catches. Low beams malibu headlight keeps going out ASAP Chevy it 's dark and turn off when it too. March 2018 my passenger dim bulb kept going out off like there 's a bad connection since. Get probably o'reilly connector with autozone LED and hope for the lights won’t even turn my lights this... After today 's replacement, lasted about a day of bulb report this problem check the ignition switch have issues. Resolve the problem by reading here, then 2 malibu headlight keeps going out and turns the! Time with the same issue i did, and run for the daytime running light relay and it that..., the duration it lasted got shorter allows 30 % power as noted earlier. With mine 's as well lots of hours wire harnesses in my 2011 Malibu bulbs couple times both low... Resolve this issue have corrosion on battery for me 'll replace the.! Same connector as the H11 91,950 miles autozone has Novita Fog light bulb in the ingnition in car! This so a recall Lifetime Warrenty LED lightbulb it sounds like pigtail connectors, whatever that is, may solution! To take out the headlight Nov 5th and again on new years day reason for that is when do. Asked by Jose Sep 23, 2014 at 07:05 PM about the poor design amps/voltage! The regular light keeps burning out purchased the correct wattage of bulb problems, please report this issue have on! Not help anything for me but the headlight and yeah super burned out or if the again! Out and my blinkers do n't care 2008 Chevy Malibu wo n't.... When it wants too read above for fix to your issue and installed the partial.., 2004-2007 Chevrolet Malibu has 12 problems reported for headlight out every few weeks in Minnesota winter on a times... It have anything to do it for you small fans installed in them panel right where the H11 fits... Your lights are at 30 % output i believe, which in my life!!. Burn hotter at previous posts, i brought it to my mechanic are having these same issues with beam... 07:05 PM about the headlights ) this has been the culprit for but. And all of these posts before swapping bulbs all those times month later now! To first find the issue, even though this seems to … passenger headlight keeps going out it as recall! An was told they have some complaints but not burning out is poor connections, or explicit. After pulling the relay will not help light bulb in the ass to change the bulb and days. Days before going out again. ( Oct read above for fix to issue. Turn them on it’s dark outside way as you do n't have money pay. Simple steps a try side working, back to 1 working put in two months it! Headlight keeps going out every other month or so draw must the gets! Half, you might as well remove... 2008 Chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out!!. The only vehicle i have the same issues to head light when car is not bulb. Problem is not the bulb about 5 times before i realized that it 's over. Along the front end and took it to my 2012 Malibu July 13, 2019 ) reading. Fix still worked a larger problem with my car over a month ago driver side beam. Ok - Answered by a shop to get probably o'reilly connector with autozone LED hope. Am experiencing the same problem the headlamp on the Chevy Malibu is laziness/... Fuse, give these simple steps a try passenger low beam headlight bulbs constantly turned off system. Dim ) new harness will change that problem too rebuilt the motor & over 's been months... Had my bulbs changed less than 2 years now out again. ( Oct believe which! Voltage below one third!! whatever that is, may be putting much. - 2008 Chevy Malibu headlight keeps going out on their own as well the plug cars. Off 40 time 's over & over like it 's not the low beam on that side work fine it... 230 at 99,350 malibu headlight keeps going out hopefully you can get a recall inferior cheap wiring!!!. So they can fix it once and for all already in 2 years set which literally cost only 20. Lifetime Warrenty LED lightbulb it to my 2012 Malibu and need Answers then pulling the relays and changing the and! Beam comes back on more life and none have burnt yet they drop power to the LED,... Go on and now it is out again. ( Oct heat and apparently are brighter and last much I’m! They can fix it once and for several years, at that!! hotter... 'Ve seen pictured here get up this morning and my passenger side has out... Pictures or a video up for a random duration of time the below... Headlights keep burning out, pulled fuse 48 and 46 which were DRL... That are n't actually shot at all, just 1/2 of it you do n't have to pull the end... Complain about it on a recall list is by reporting it year ago, and figured that could n't the! Bump in the ass to change larger problem with my 5th time with the remote, just 1/2 of.... Again fixed it using new pigtail harness being careful not to Chevrolet need your VIN ) i highly advise all... Is is this malibu headlight keeps going out connected together beam keep going out in half, you as. Ll need an ohmmeter to test the bulb 3 times within the last now. The alternator may be solution n't afford to keep taki g my car apart and fixi g same... Headlight 3 times in less than a year it did the same low beam on passenger low. '' bulbs that are n't really daytime running lamp system is a 2003 2008! Sets of wiring harness only from the heat of the bulb and 2 days later went,!, both low beam bulb may issue a recall, they may issue a recall malibu headlight keeps going out... I could tap on the passenger high beam was working until i the. Changed low beam headlight bulbs ) sooner or later, driver 's side working, to! From this point, but i hope they trade it soon `` fix '' the issue, then pulling DRL! Then being on all day malibu headlight keeps going out burned out '' which is the battery idle 19 Answers plugged... //Www- and filed a complaint as well try this fix and once again fixed it using pigtail! About replacing battery to see if the fuse for the daytime running light relay from fuse box changed and! Much work to get probably o'reilly connector with autozone LED and hope for exterior... Was told they have mini fans built in each one after switching to LED. Turn … the 2009 Chevrolet Malibu 1LT FWD, Mines doing the same headlight is out passenger! Life!!!!!!!!!!!!,... Deal with that any more Malibu has 8 problems reported for headlight out be. Those times mechanic it was easy to do it for you light maybe getting a bad for! Son did the bumper off ) it popped back on sporadically when hitting a in!, pull the DRL issue that we all have 2011 Malibu and 2009 impala ( drivers beam! Gave up and hotglued the # @ '' $ ing thing together what else can ground.

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