Passenger Lists and Immigration 1700 - 1800 Canny, N. (1988) Kingdom and Colony: Ireland in the Atlantic World 1560-1800, Baltimore, MD Dickson, R. J. states of Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee in the 1780s and 1790s. But, the work was dangerous and railroad accidents took the lives of several Irish … John Crockford, of Killgraney, in the County of Waterford (f. 125) The majority of the Scots-Irish who came to America … Most of these servants were men and few records survive for them. However, the reasons for the immigration was more complex than the starvation conditions they were suffering in Ireland before they left. Thousands of records. At the time of the census ten townlands of the Fews and Creggan Parish were in what is now County Louth. Protestant tenants (English and Scottish). Image courtesy of Library of Congress The first English colony was founded in the United States in the 1600s. Most of the Scots-Irish came freely to the American colonies, This index has been created from a chapter in 'History of Enniskillen' by W.C. Trimble, 1921. Please enable JavaScript to view the Irish-Catholic immigrants came to America during colonial times, too. Dowdall, A history of Irish immigrants from 1600s up until the United States Census in 1850. or an account you already have with Google, Twitter, However, * From abstracts of probate acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, London: 1902-26. Scots-Irish immigrants came prior to 1776, with large-scale immigration beginning in 1718. and the Carolinas. Dillon, Most of the ships carrying Irish immigrants to America, however, were well built and adequately supplied. Irish in New York. /** // IMPORTANT: Replace EXAMPLE with your forum shortname! Reprinted courtesy of the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Earliest Migration: When the American colonies were newly formed, a small wave of Irish indentured servants arrived in the 1600s. The following names have been extracted from a paper published in the “Proceedings and Transactions of the Kilkenny and the South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society” Vol 3. References: 4. Not plantation, not conquest, not invasion. According to Ryan Dearinger in The Filth of Progress: Immigrants, Americans, and the Building of Canals and Railroads in the West, Irish laborers were a heavy part of the workforce on railroads in the mid-19th century. The Irish and Germans both were motivated to travel to America due to the hopes of a promising dream-like society full of prosperity and equality. var elem = document.createElement('script'); And there must have been a religious community here in charge of the Shrine of St. Patrick, which Malachy of Meath Hundreds of records, including both surname and first name. Scots-Irish immigrants came from the historic province of Ship Passenger Lists, Scotland And Ireland, Irish Passenger Lists: Emigrants From Ireland To America And Canada, Irish Settlers In North America Before 1850, Cromwellian Adventurers For Land In Ireland, 1642-46, Laws In Ireland For The Suppression Of Popery, The Hamilton & Montgomery Settlement Of 1606, In Memory Of The Irish Victims Of Slavery, The Muster Roll Of The County Of Donnagall, Irish ImmigrationL The Plight Of A Country, Documenting Ireland: Parliament, People & Migration, Address To King James II At Kilkenny, March 22, 1689, Letter Of King James II To The Officers Of The Irish Army, November 27, 1691, Irish Immigrants To 17th Century Virginia, Funeral Entries Of Waterford Families, 17th Century, Birth Records, Cloncha Parish, Co. Donegal, 1669-1783, Enniskillen Marriage Records, Co. Fermanagh, Minute Book Corporation of Ardee, A.D. 1661 Onwards. hu These lands were subsequently given or sold to men who began the plantations of the Protestant British in Ulster. In such instances, the minister may be traced back to the church he served in Ireland. locality in America. Mostly English Puritans and Separatists, almost … groups, often such that members of an extended family settled near one another in America, In the summer of 1718, five ships of Scots-Irish immigrants from Ulster arrived in Boston to an uncertain welcome. / Edgeworth (Cranalagh) / Principal Families: Cline, Cargy, Cormack, MacCormack, Cowley, M'Connell, Farrell, Kiernan, Kenny, M'Gloughlin, Leavy, Murtagh, Mulligan, Moore, Reilly. 1855. pp. - Immigrants to America, 1600s-1800s (FHL US/CAN CD-ROM no. 1630 A.D., as printed in the Donegal Annual. When this crop failed three years in a row, it led to a great famine with horrendous consequences. In the event you don't have an account }; google_ad_width = 120; 1664 Hearth Money Rolls for the Baronies of Ida and Offa, Co. Tipperarv. These laws are key to understanding the history of the period as well as the sectarian conflicts that still plague Northern Ireland. Most of the immigrants who accompanied him would be from the same area. Most are for 1775-1825. However, the first major migration of Scots-Irish to America was a group that came with Rev. By far, the largest immigration of the Irish to Canada occurred during the mid-19th century. They arrived at Boston, and many of them moved to New Hampshire, establishing the town of Londonderry. _qevents.push({ elem.type = "text/javascript"; There are a myriad of possible reasons for the immigration of Dalton, Baron, Immigration to America was at a standstill during the American Revolution (1775-1783), but Fully searchable digital edition of the 1641 Depositions at Trinity College Dublin Library, comprising transcripts and images of all 8,000 depositions. Fleming, Baron, 352)has information for about 200,000 immigrants. Immigrants to the New World, 1600s-1800s Scottish Immigrants to North America, 1600s-1800s Covering approximately 70,000 immigrants from Scotland to USA & Canada Scotch-Irish Settlers in America, 1500s-1800s Immigration Records Approximately 215,000 individuals Cruise, (d.head || d.body).appendChild(s); Facebook or Yahoo. The Down Survey of Ireland was carried out by Sir William Petty on behalf of the Commonwealth government. Important: Colonial Irish does not mean your ancestor was Ulster-Irish. These transportees were subsequently joined by prisoners of war, deported in the middle of the 17th century following Oliver Cromwell's bloody conquest of Ireland, and forced to provide cheap (slave) labour to the Caribbean tobacco plantations. servants. Many thousands of It was also the motivation behind the mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of Irish to North America. This page features an index of journals relating to the Plantation of Armagh in the 1620s. From the Irish Roots Cafe. The CD contains the text of the following books: • Passenger Arrivals at the Port of Charleston (South Carolina), 1820-1829 (FHL US/CAN Book 975.7915 W39h) • Scotch-Irish Migration to South Carolina, 1772 (FHL US/CAN Book 975.7 W2s) The following has been transcribed from 'A Census of Ireland, c. 1659, with Supplementary Material from the Poll Money Ordinances (1660-1661)' edited by Séamus Pender, and published by the Stationery Office, Dublin in 1939. 1790: The first federal activity in an area previously under the control of the individual colonies: An act of 26 March The dawn of the Ulster-Scots. Between 1820 and 1860, the Irish constituted over one third of all immigrants … Barony: ARDAGH / Irish: 97 / English: 971 / Gentleman: Richard Archibold (Glynn), Darby Toole (Lisdrinagh), Captain J. Here is a bibliography of this material focussing on Irish immigrants. On Sunday the 19th of June 1631, two boats were taken from Dungarvan, in Co. Waterford, each about 12 tons burden and went to the old head of Kinsale, Co. Cork. In Ireland almost half of the population lived on farms that were less than prosperous, producing little income. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); American Emigration became an intrinsic part of Irish life before independence, especially from the Famine onwards. Emigration patterns mirrored the ebbs and flows of emigration from … His grandson, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, signed his name to the Declaration of Independence. “Scots-Irish in Colonial America” The Irish At Home and Abroad. The potato famine of 1845 lead to a large wave of Irish people emigrating to America. Over 750,000 people starved to death. Scots-Irish ancestor or were associated with the ancestor in America. Some had been banished, and some had gone into voluntary exile, but there were still just too many of them. High rents and religious persecution The historical treatment of Irish Catholics by the English and British governments has been the subject of much examination, but systematic research on the social, economic, and political impact of Irish refugees who sought asylum in Spain and Latin America at various times since the sixteenth century has only recently drawn the attention of scholars. Ulster (in the north of Ireland). Scots-Irish immigrants settled in the American colonies from the 1600s. Scots who had emigrated to Ireland in the 1600s to colonise Ulster and then onto American became know as the Scots Irish. Scots-Irish immigrants settled in the American colonies from the 1600s. */ have often been blamed. Then, on 1st January 1892, the Ellis Island reception centre opened. BOOKS: Irish Emigrants in North America series by David Dobson These books list thousands of individuals who left Ireland for North America between 1670 and 1830. Many Anglicans, Catholics, and Quakers also came from Ireland This is the 1600s, almost synonymous with the 17th century. From there immigrants and their descendants went on to populate the The first wave of Irish immigration Irish American history began in the late-16th century with the transportation of petty criminals and beggars to the West Indies. google_ad_height = 600; The article contains more information than listed here on the landlords (undertakers) and the men who presented with or without arms for each, such as the barony or lands they came from. This Irish Government supported, official web site, is dedicated to helping you in your search for records of family history for past generations. The Virginia Colony consisted of Anglican and Baptist immigrants led by John Smith and John Rolfe. In hopes of breathing new life into their faith, hundreds of thousands of Irish, mostly of Scottish origin, voyaged to the New World in the 1700s. V. 2, No. The following has been transcribed from 'A Census of Ireland, c. 1659, with Supplementary Material from the Poll Money Ordinances (1660-1661)' edited by Séamus Pender, and published by the Stationery Office, Dublin in 1939. var scpt = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; The majority of Irish came to America during the Irish Potato Famine and in the years afterward. Barnwall, Baron, On arrival I purchased 120 acres of land at $5 an acre. } catch(err) {}. Throughout the Famine years, 75 percent of the Irish coming to America landed in New York. It is only concerned with those records which survive in more than index form. The history and genealogy of the village of Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny, and the surrounding area. In a large folio MS. in the British Museum, press marked, “Additional 4820” are contained copies of several hundred Irish funeral entries. In addition to these,there is a large number of immigrants named Allen, Bryan, Collins, Cunningham, Donnell, Farley, Flood, Fludd, Ford, Gill, Gray, Garrett, Griffen, Gwyn, Hart, Haies, Harrington, Moore and Neale who may have been Irish. In some cases, the immigrating group was led by a minister. But the newcomers came from an impoverished land, and many Puritans questioned whether they could support themselves. // Replace PAGE_IDENTIFIER with your page's unique identifier variable Parishes and placenames as found in the 1851 'General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland' , originally published in Dublin in 1861, and re-printed by the Genealogical Publishing Company Inc., 1997, have been added in brackets beside the placenames as spelled in 'A Census of Ireland - when identifiable. Their experiences in settling new lands in Ireland, and then again in the American colonies, helped to develop a hard-working, fearless, and sometimes brash, spirit. Many Anglicans, Catholics and Quakers also came to North America during the Colonial period. colonial period settled in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the Carolinas. google_ad_height = 600; Scottish settlers began to come in large numbers to Betit, Kyle J. Very few passenger lists exist for immigrants entering colonial Virginia. * LEARN WHY DEFINING THESE VARIABLES IS IMPORTANT: Slaves first arrived on the island in the 1620s with the first white settlers and continued to be brought there as the need for labor created a new market for the international slave trade. An excellent general resource site by John Hayes with many databases for Ireland and it's counties. The date of the earliest Parish Register of this parish, as given in the Report of the Deputy-keeper of the Public Records, is 1824. although there were also some who were deported as prisoners or came as indentured At the beginning of the 17th Century, in the reign of James I of England, England faced a problem: what to do with the Irish. Darcy, But thanks to David Dobson's researches in record offices and archives throughout Great Britain and North America, there is now information pertaining to the identity of approximately 75,000 of these … this article focuses on the pre-1776 immigrants. Supplement. However, there are sometimes immigration related materials and other records that can help determine when an immigrant came to America. })(); It is important to keep in mind that just because an ancestor Pre-independence Irish Emigration. came with Rev. Beginning around this time, British and other Europeans settled … This sectarian division resulted from deliberate government policy. Searchable database by Fáilte Romhat. during this time period. L. P. Murray P.P. By 1860, 95,458 Irish men and women were living in Philadelphia, making the Irish the largest single immigrant population in the city. the 1600s. The oft quoted aphorism that "Boston is the next parish to Galway" highlights the long and close connections between Ireland and New England that extend as far back as the 1600s. Between 50,000 and 100,000 people left Ireland as indentured servants, prisoners, rebels and felons in the 1600s. These are passenger lists for emigrants from Ireland to the United States and Canada, arranged in date order. The history of immigration to the United States details the movement of people to the United States starting with the founding of San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1521 and, in the mainland United States, with the founding of St. Augustine, Florida in 1565.Both of these settlements were founded by Spanish Colonizers. Fitzgerald (or Fitzgibbon), Irish emigration across the Atlantic began in the early 1600s. A list of such Roman Catholic Officers as have been taken up by virtue of the late General Order, dated the 17th day of December, 1692. 2. or congregation of Presbyterians together moved from one locality in Ireland to one The following is a transcript of the oldest remaining records of Ardee. Between 1845 and 1851, 750,000 Irish refugees came to America, mainly rural dwellers who crammed into the large cities on the Eastern seaboard. Immigration to America resumed, with especially large numbers of Scotch-Irish. = PAGE_URL; In 1890 the Irish-born population in America reached its peak at nearly 1.9 million. with any of these companies then you can create an account - See more at: It is estimated that as many as 4.5 million Irish arrived in America between 1820 and 1930. I am exceedingly well pleased at coming to this land of plenty. A printed version of the text can be found on pages 311 - 312 of A Jacobite Narrative of the War in Ireland, 1688-1691, edited by John T. Gilbert (Dublin: Joseph Dollard, 1892; reprinted New York: Barnes & Noble, 1971). Add to that the second generation, and Irish America totalled 4.8 million people, 13 per cent of the population. The Great Irish Potato Famine of 1847 was the cause of death, mainly from starvation, of over a million Irish. After Castle Garden closed in 1890, Irish immigrants to America (and all other immigrants) were processed through a temporary Barge Office. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-2718265230263770"; //-->,

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